PAX is a Christian spiritual formation center based in the life of the local church. It offers a variety of programs designed to help you create an intentional rhythm of spending time with God. It is in being with God that we experience His transforming love and the gift of His peace.

PAX offerings include individual and group forms of prayer, book discussions, specialty courses, spiritual direction, retreats, and workshops. Through these offerings, you will have the opportunity to learn and experience spiritual practices that will help you to listen, discern and respond to God’s loving initiative and presence in the midst of your daily life.

PAX offers these practices in the context of a spiritual community. We need the companionship of each other in order to more fully understand and experience God’s love for us. Spiritual formation happens in community and points toward the grace of resorted relationships with God,  ourselves, one another and creation.

PAX is Latin for the word peace and its emphasis is relational. Its Biblical meaning encompasses:

>wholeness    >well being    >balance     >restored relationships

PAX envisions the ministry of spiritual formation as a place of peace. We invite you to come and nourish your soul in the rhythm of God’s grace and experience the transforming love and peace of Christ.