What is Spiritual Formation?


Spiritual Formation is the process of God shaping and forming our hearts into the heart of Christ so that we might become like Christ in love and service for the sake of others, to the glory of God.

The ministry of spiritual formation offers spiritual practices, both individually and communally, that help us to cooperate and connect with God’s transforming work of love within us; practices that shape and support a way of life lived by faith. These practices invite us to be intentional about making space in our lives to notice and respond to God’s active and loving presence.  Our choice of spiritual practices during the different seasons of our lives, becomes the rhythm that supports our relationship with God and our experiences toward wholeness and growth in the character and life of Jesus Christ.

Some Guiding Principles of Christian Spiritual Formation 

o  It is intentional in the practice of the classical spiritual disciplines that help us to cooperate and connect with God’s transforming work of love within us.

o  It requires and enlightens both knowledge of self and knowledge of God.

o  It is communal reflecting the Trinity as we journey together into a deeper relationship with God and one another.

o   It is immersed in the life, teaching, and ministry of Jesus Christ.

o   It is grounded in the cross and resurrection, bringing our sin and brokenness into the light of God’s transforming love and healing.

o   It comes from grace and it is by grace that we are being transformed into Christlikeness through the power of the Holy Spirit.

o   It invites us to embody our faith.