PAX Institute Calendar

 Calendar of Upcoming Events


Field-RoadWalk with Jesus

A 9 month prayer journey based on The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Begins September 9, 2017

Fee $725


3 chairsTransformational Listening: Soul Care Companions

A 9 month program training program in the art of contemplative listening and facilitating small group spiritual direction.

Begins October 7th, 2017

     Fee $750


Transformarublev-angels-at-mamre-trinity-240x300tional Listening: Spiritual Direction Training

TL-Christian Spiritual Direction Training is a ten month certificate program in the art of Spiritual Direction. It is structured around monthly community life as we journey together in our training and support of one another.
TL-Soul Care Companions is a pre-requisite to apply for this program.

Begins September 16, 2017

Fee $2,600