Walk With Jesus:

WWJ has been one of the single most transformative experiences in my life. My inner life has been renewed, my relation- ships with my husband and children have become more intimate, and I have much more compassion for the world. It’s been an amazing journey. If you are longing for more in life- more love, more joy, more freedom, more of God, consider this journey. It will help you learn to see God’s work and hear his voice, all around you and within you.

– Jennifer Drummond


TL-1 Soul Care Companions:

Cambridge Community Fellowship Church has been blessed to have PAX in our community.  Before TL, our leaders struggled to and a common language around prayer and spiritual life and found it difficult to incorporate spiritual disciplines into their ministries. As our leaders went through TL, the results were immediately felt and our ministries now have more robust spiritual practices and language.  The ministry of PAX has awakened a deep spiritual hunger at the church and I am grateful!

– Reverend Larry Kim


TL was a natural response to a movement within my soul toward a deepening relationship with God. Through journeying with my cohort, I am beginning to be able to listen to the hearts of people, to cut through to the essence of being, and how God is interwoven in every thread.

– Cynthia Baker, West Church, Haverhill, MA


It is not an exaggeration to say that participating in TL has been a life changing experience. Through TL, I felt the gentle invitation to go deeper with God. For the first time, practicing spiritual disciplines did not feel like work. I was motivated by knowing God’s great love for me. TL also gave me a deeper sense of community as our cohort now know each other deeply and honestly.

– Kevin Ryan, CCFC


I enjoyed the TL 1 course like no other. The rich combination of experiential learning in a group setting contributed to several desirable processes for me: (1) becoming aware of my desire for more of Jesus; (2) experiencing discernment listening to God and people; (3) developing a more reective approach to my life; and (5) appreciating life in Christian community. God has given me yet another “prompt” to sign up for the TL-2 Spiritual Direction Training!

– Debbie Vorce, Bethany Church, NH

TL- 2 Training and Spiritual Direction:

When I signed on for TL II, I thought I would be learning how to help other people listen to God. I did not realize how much I, myself, would learn to listen; and how that listening would utterly transform my own relationship with God. I did not just learn history and techniques and methods: I was opened up to God’s enormous love for me and how I can live and walk and breathe through that love.

Like any successful training program, TL II teaches us to practice and persist. The various spiritual practices provided each month caused me to discover newer and deeper ways of connecting with God. These truly became daily sources of strength and life-giving renewal. I cannot over-emphasize the change in my life as a result of these 10 months of walking in community with such a close group of fellow seekers.

I learned to keep a spiritual rhythm in my life. This prayerful rhythm of opening, more and more—and over and over—to God has changed the ways I live and carry myself through the world. I have become a more peaceful and generous person. I have become a person who others seek out to find that peace and generosity…which is, of course, God’s…for themselves. And all of this is because I have become a person who feels loved unconditionally by the greatest source of Love.

You will leave TL II with a whole new basket of tools with which to tend your own life, the lives of those you love, and those who will arrive in your life seeking help for listening to who God might want to be to them.

TL II has changed the ways I respond to the challenges in my lives. I no longer depend on my own abilities and techniques; I have learned to lean into and deeply trust the One who is beyond human ability.

TL II does not prescribe a legalistic method. It is not a how-to system. Rather, through rich reading assignments, meaningful peer and individual supervision, and loads of prayer, it offers doorways to mystery and grace through which you can walk toward an abundance you never knew before.

– Kate Young Wilder


The thought of becoming a spiritual director was incredibly daunting. But I was drawn to this class because I loved the idea of becoming someone who may help another walk more deeply and intimately with God – or simply to walk with them as they wonder where God is in their lives. It has also been a tremendous gift to receive supervision from Rama while learning with an amazing cohort of other spiritual directors in training. Digging deeper into topics like Dark Night of the Soul, psychology, and non-linear stages of the spiritual journey has help me grow more attentive to details in my personal and others’ stories. In addition, opportunities to practice solitude, lectio/visio divina, contemplative prayer, and group direction have deeply nourished my personal inner life. I wish I could take this class forever.

– Cecilia Wu