Way of Christian Prayer

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Welcome to a monthly series where we will be exploring “Engaging Scripture for Transformation.” Each month we will meet to pray with Scripture using Lectio Divina as well as other forms of engaging Scripture in prayer. No prior knowledge of these forms of prayer is required. Each evening you will enjoy a personal time of reflection followed by small group spiritual direction.

Scripture is the life giving formative text in our lives as Christians. Eugene Peterson reminds us that “Christian spirituality is, in its entirety, rooted in and shaped by the scriptural text.” And Robert Mulholland declares that we “must be shaped by the living Word of God…” Scripture invites our story to participate in God’s story of love and redemption; our story begins to be shaped by the form of God’s story where we encounter grace and forgiveness. When we engage Scripture for transformation, we come to listen and respond to the living word of God speaking into our lives today and drawing us into the life of God.


Engaging Scripture for Transformation

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, once a month series

January 11     

February 8    

March 8     

April 12  

Suggested fee $20

(Fees are to be made payable to “FCCOE” and sent to the attention of Rama Ziegenhals, PO Box 93, Essex, MA 01929.)


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